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The LOT is for kids who love spending time outside with friends and family, building and giving back to their communities and respecting and caring for those around them.

Welcome to this 2023 cohort of inspiring and passionate kiddos!


Age 11. Steamboat Springs, CO.

Yari is cheerful, brave, and confident—a perfect combination for embracing new adventures. She enjoys skiing and sledding in the winter, and in summer, you'll find her mountain biking and soaking in the beauty of Yampa Valley.


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Age 6. Appleton, WI.

Kylie loves doing downhill laps on her mountain bike or green loop laps on her XC skis. When she’s not doing laps, she can be found in the backyard playing with the neighborhood kids. She loves using her imagination and creativity to spread cheer with family and friends.


Age 11. Steamboat Springs, CO.

Max is a mountain kid with a huge passion for skiing, especially freestyle and big mountain. He spends his days on the hill in Steamboat while training with the SSWSC Devo Mogul Team and loves to explore the backcountry. Max loves to help teach younger kids mountain biking and jujitsu, where he is a yellow belt.


Age 10. Aspen, CO.

From a family of 7 (1 nonbinary, 2 brothers and 1 sister!), Dov is a Colorado fanatic - there’s not a sport the state can throw at him that he doesn’t want to ensconce himself in. Dov is passionate about shredding Big Mountain in Aspen (the bigger the air the better) and traveling with his hockey team. Dov’s especially passionate about animals and supports the Aspen Animal Shelter.


Age 13. Steamboat Springs, CO.

Gavin is a lover of hockey, soccer, and mountain biking. Whether he’s mastering new moves on the ice, kicking the ball around the field, or pedaling up his local mountains, Gavin tries to be as active as he can. Gavin shows the Town Hall spirit by making those around him laugh as he enjoys the wonderful natural features of his hometown, Steamboat Springs.


Age 6. Denver, CO.

Reed is a smiley, silly skier who loves: gymnastics, moguls, pals, laughing, glitter, slides and family! When Reed’s not at home in Denver or on the hill, you can find her exploring Colorado, the US and the World with her Mom & Dad. Reed is always helping people, being thoughtful and making time to play outside everyday.


Age 7. Old Saybrook, CT.

Dylan is an artist, lover of the Harry Potter book series, steward of the outdoors, tree identifier, bow drill fire starter, and freestyle snowboarder. He spends his weekdays hiking and learning at an outdoor school. Weekends are for adventuring in the Vermont mountains and shredding every chance he gets.


Age 12. Elk Grove, CA.

Since he was little, Logan was drawn to the water. Jumping in puddles, skipping rocks, hiking to waterfalls, and playing in snow are some of his favorite activities. This past summer he developed a love for sailing and always wants to be at a lake with friends. It really bothers Logan to see people litter and he makes every outing in nature a trail cleanup.


Age 5. Elk Grove, CA.

Eliana has logged her fair share of miles hiking since she was born, going on her first hike at just a few weeks old. She is super excited so much snow is building up in Northern California right now and cannot wait to go play in it! This will be her first year to have a snowshoeing playdate with her community of preschool pals.