Hey there. Nice to meet you.

Town Hall Outdoor Co was started in Steamboat Springs, Colorado by parents who wanted better, more sustainable choices in kids’ clothing. We wanted to use our years of experience in the outdoor apparel industry to create apparel specifically made for kids. Kids aren’t mini adults. They are full-size versions of themselves, who need clothes built around their unique needs.

At Town Hall, we’re passionate about making our community and the planet better through our actions. Everything we create is sustainably made. We use as much recycled material as possible. We believe in reducing our manufacturing footprint. And we don’t believe in taking shortcuts. We’re all about building quality gear that lets kids find joy in the outdoors, and stay comfortable doing it.

Group sitting around fire

What Matters to Us

Environmental Stewardship Confident, educated and impassioned people can move mountains.

Community 1+1=3. When we come together with shared vision, love and concern, the power of our community is unstoppable.

Quality Hand-me-downs should be coveted and passed along with epic tales of adventure that will last as long as the product does.

Trust We earn trust with our partners and consumers through transparency and honesty - in our products, our sustainability efforts, and our brand.

What's with the Name?

A town hall is a place where everyone can gather, has a voice and can be agents of change. Community is pretty important to us. It’s where ideas are generated, and people look after each other. What we do affects our neighbors, so we make sure we’re positively impacting those around us. We’re all in this world together. Let’s make the most of it.

Welcome to Town Hall. Everyone is welcome here, and we can’t wait to see you out there.