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Colorado mountain towns top the list of top micropolitan areas in the US

(January 8, 2023. Denver7 ABC) "We saw a gap in kids gear."

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KIDS ONLY: Steamboat Locals Launch Outerwear Apparel Company Just For Kids

(January 9, 2023. Steamboat Sotheby's) “One thing we heard from a lot of kids is they want to be able to find their friends on the mountain."

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The Best Outdoor Gifts for Kids

(November 23, 2022. Gear Junkie) "Finding quality outdoor apparel with sustainable materials, construction, and packaging is hard; it’s even harder for children’s apparel. That’s where Town Hall Outdoor Co comes in."

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Local outdoor gear providers hoping new downtown Steamboat pop-up brings opportunity

(November 21, 2022. Steamboat Pilot & Today) "This is just another great way for people to shop locally and give back to our great community, which is to shop with these local brands."

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These Outdoor Rec Entrepreneurs Are Tackling Steamboat's Biggest Challenges

(November 16, 2022. Startup Colorado) "Grab a beer and slap a sticker on the cooler."

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Town Hall Outdoor Co: Getting Kids Outdoors

(November 15, 2022. Mountain Women Magazine) "This town knows winter and the kids who live here are a hardy bunch who understand what works best to enjoy a day out skiing, snowboarding or just building a snowman."

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Inspiring Conversations with Robin Hall of Town Hall Outdoor Co

(October 18, 2022. VoyageDenver) "Every day is different when you have a business – some days you are on your toes and some you are on your heels."

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Planet-positive & community-building outdoor kids’ gear company

(October 11, 2022. Alpine Bank) "There are 21 outdoor gear brands that call the Yampa Valley home, and we are honored and inspired to be among them."

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The Rise of Expensive Kids’ Gear

(October 5, 2022. Outside) "We’re seeing a recent rise in parents being willing to pay higher prices and understanding the value of keeping kids happy and giving them a better experience outside."

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Town Hall Outdoor Co: Outerwear for Mountain Town Kids

(Summer/Fall 2022. Mountain Town Magazine) "Both she, her company founders and the kids she meets up with agreed that in addition to product performance, sustainablity is a top goal."

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When Smartwool left Steamboat Springs, workers who stayed behind got a “kick in the shorts to recalibrate”

(August 9, 2022. The Colorado Sun) “I stayed for the sense of place and home for me and my family"

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Robin Hall: A Story about Finding Purpose and Adapting

(June 6, 2022. Breaking Trail Podcast) "We talk about the three questions she posed to make her plan, how she made a big idea a reality, taking the sustainable route and why that matters"

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Kids’ Gear We Love: 4 Parent-Founded Brands Worth Checking Out

(May 10, 2022. GearJunkie) "Kids’ gear should be, and truly needs to be, waterproof, windproof, and durable beyond belief."

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This New Colorado-based Kids Apparel Brand Embodies an “Earth Day Everyday” Credo

(April 20, 2022. Colorado Parent Magazine) “And we think that if every kid loves outside, they’re going to be healthier in mind and body, and they’re going to fall in love with the outdoors even more, and so they’re going to want to save it.”

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Town Hall Outdoor Co. Founder Robin Hall On Planet, Kids, Community, And Outdoors [EP 325]

(April 19, 2022. Outdoor Biz Podcast) "Just roaming the west in our family station wagon with the four of us, kids in the back. And that’s where it just hit me."

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Rural Jump-Start program helps start new businesses in economically distressed regions

(Spring, 2022. CO OEDIT) "Many outdoor clothing brands call Colorado home, and specifically, 21 outdoor brands have established roots in Steamboat Springs, often all getting together for “garage beers” to chat and help each other out."

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Pull Up a Chair with Steamboat's Town Hall

(Spring, 2022. Spoke+Blossom) "A town hall is a heartbeat of a community - where people gather to enjoy each other's company, ask hard questions and demand change for their immediate experience."

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A New Colorado Company Tackles Sustainable Kids Gear

(January, 2022. 5280 Magazine) "With COVID-19, people haven’t been able to travel on airplanes, so they are spending more time with their kids outside and focusing on buying better, higher-quality kids gear. We also see that really outdoorsy parents don’t want to go home early because their kid is cold or uncomfortable, so they’re also investing in better kids clothes."

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Town Hall CEO Robin Hall on Creating Your Outdoor Biz Community

(November 18, 2021. outside by design podcast) "They also cover the nuances of marketing to kids and their parents, interesting consumer trends, approaching gender as a kids' apparel company, and building an outdoor business community in Steamboat Springs."

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