Our Community

Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Town Hall was born in the Rocky Mountain town of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Typically known for its skiing, biking and outdoor adventures, Steamboat, in fact, is home to much more. It is a beautiful mix of agriculture, western heritage, outdoor recreation, entrepreneurship, conservation and tourism. All of the people in Steamboat come together as one, for the love of the outdoors and to be a part of something bigger.

This town has given us everything - fresh air, passion, outdoor industry experience and, best of all, community. We are incredible proud of our little corner in Northwest Colorado and we want to do everything that we can to keep it special and thriving.

And the kiddos here? They are growing up skiing light, fluffy powder, kicking up dust on the NPR downhill mountain bike trail, boogie boarding in the C-Hole after school and getting $1 cones at Lyon's Corner Store. Who better the test and give us feedback on our products and gear? 

We have combed Northwest Colorado to learn from, support and hire the best partners to get this business up and running. They are contractors that started as creatives, attorneys, accountants, marketers and screen printers and are now friends who have a growing goal to see this brand succeed and make positive impacts. 

We believe there is power in giving back in your own community. Whether it is serving meals and much-needed smiles at a homeless shelter, donating hand-me-downs to keep clothes in circulation or planting trees to preserve river wildlife, these are the things that help communities thrive and warm your own heart. 

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Integrated Community

Integrated Community proactively promotes and supports successful integration of immigrant and local community members in Northwest Colorado through education, intercultural exchange, and collaboration to build a more united community where its members can communicate, participate and contribute.

We’re proud to partner with like-minded organizations that share our vision and are making a positive impact in their communities. We will spend 3% of net revenue annually on ensuring that our values are upheld in our community and on the planet.