2021 Year in Review

2021 Year in Review

2021 Year in Review

It may be the end of the year, but this is the beginning of something big for Town Hall!

2021 was a historic year for this little brand and our community. It's been 22 months since we dreamed up Town Hall and the time has absolutely flown by. We can't believe how far we've come and, thanks to you, we are filled with hope and inspiration for where we are headed.


See below for some photos, memories and inspiration for 2022. Be well, here's to amazing family adventures and #loveoutside.


Our first round of prototypes for this winter were in our hands and we were getting them on every kid we could find. Here is Alex, giving it a good test drive on the ski hill.


We listened and learned from sage advisors about how to best to start and launch Town Hall...often over a walk in the woods.


Our blank tees and hoodies arrived and OHANA, our great screen printing partners in Steamboat, led our local kids through the screening process.


With product in hand, our local photographers got to work, getting us beautiful content and starting to bring our brand to life. The kiddos loved the donut rewards during the shoots!

JUNE 5th

Our first sale, at the Fruita Kids Adventure Games. We didn't take cash and couldn't make change, so we actually lost money on our first sale! But, we were in business.

JULY 16th

In our tiny storage unit, surrounded by our kids and dear friends, our website officially went live.


The community love grew and grew. From a new friendship built on a beach in Oregon that started with 'Is that a Town Hall hat? I am wearing the same one!' to supporting the Steamboat Integrated Community 24 Hour Boat Cruise, we found ourselves as you all found us.


The arrival of product was in sight and we kicked off our first winter in business with as we best know how - in our downtown design garage, surrounded by kids, friends and lots of hot chocolate.


The snow arrived with our first products off the line and we could capture our first winter photos...with a little grass sticking through.


The photos were in. The copy was written. The supply chain delivered (after spending WAY too much on freight.) Sliding into home, in sweatpants and after a few very late nights, we launched our website with our first winter product line.


It's a family affair filling orders at our warehouse, fondly called 'The Treehouse'. And we secured placement of our products at an incredible ski shop in Steamboat - Ski Haus.


The kids and we had much to celebrate at our First Annual Town Halliday Party. Steamboat is alive with kids on ski and sledding hills wearing Town Hall, we are seeing some great momentum, our sustainability efforts are making an impact and our community is joyful and passionate. Bring on 2022!

After reflecting on the above, our smiles are big.

As for the three founders, we braved kids schooling at home while we worked right next to them. And we saw the bright spots - when else would we teach our kids about profit and loss statements at the dinner table?

Joe brought business savvy and kid-like enthusiasm, Jay kept the wheels on the supply chain and worked some serious magic and Robin has learned to build a website and let it go when she makes marketing errors (hello, newsletter misspellings. sigh.). 

And our kids continue to grow, watch and help us build this business. In 2022, two are headed to high school, two are headed to middle school and two will finish out elementary school.

We still have SO much to learn and we are elated to navigate it all with you.

We feel your amazing support, the wind is in our sails and 2022 looks bright. 

What's on deck for Town Hall in 2022?

-Summer products. Think: recycled fleece jackets and stuffable wind/waterproof adventure hoodies and, of course, fresh and fun trucker hat styles and tees.

-B Corp Certification and a further look behind-the-scenes of our sustainability efforts.

-Deeper partnerships to continue building strong communities.

-More adventures, more updates, more fun. Hang on, it's gonna be an amazing ride!


Take care and thank you for loving and living Town Hall.


Love Outside, 


Robin, Jay and Joe